Glamping in South Korea at ‘On the Rock’

Hello Korean Picnic readers, old and new! It has been a while since I’ve sat down to offload the words in my brain onto my blog. As I write this, I am uploading a video I made last week of our glamping anniversary trip. I have become excited about YouTube and blogging again recently. My many dilemmas about quitting have ceased for the moment and I am enjoying the creative process more than ever. I have my cup of tea by my side as I watch the fourth season of The Crown.

Last week, my husband and I decided to celebrate our one year marriage anniversary by going glamping! We don’t typically do adventurous things because we prefer the comfort of a warm house and a computer or screen in front of us, but we thought we would branch out of our literal comfort zones. However, that branch lead us to be very cold and very achy from shivering from being so cold. In hindsight, we probably should have double checked that the heater was on!

We chose to stay at the ‘On the Rock’ glamping site located in Gapyeong (northeast of Seoul). The site itself was full of spaceship-like glamping pods. They overlooked the picturesque mountains of the Korean countryside. Each pod had a patio for BBQing and bush dancing. The site was also featured on Arch Daily, so I was smugly excited to stay somewhere that was approved by the architecture and design community.

Glamping has become a big trend in South Korea and there are many locations around the country. If you are living here, or planning to come in the future, I highly recommend grabbing a group of friends, buying every piece of meat at the grocery store, and having a glamping experience for yourself.

Please scroll to the end to watch my YouTube video! PLEASE! I beg of you. Not really, it’s totally up to you. But please watch it. And subscribe. And also like the video… but no pressure. Have you been glamping before? Were you as cold as we were? Let me know!

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