The gift of giving… phone wallpapers

Merry Christmas, loyal followers. Because 2020 has been such a brain explosion to us all, I gave up on presents and gifts and general good-human-ing. I’ve been so tied up in my own little world that the festive season and the looming new year have come around without me noticing. If months were refundable, I’d definitely want at least $70 of my life back from December 2020.

As a way to make myself feel like a better person, I’ve made a post with some fun downloadable artwork for your phone wallpaper! Just pretend it’s 2009, your new Nokia is fresh out of the box, and your 90th favourite internet person has sent you floral patterns for your wallpaper! What a gift!

I have a very small following so I trust you, my viewer, to use these images responsibly (i.e. I won’t see my images on your IG or used anywhere without permission. I expect you will only use them for a hot minute, if at all, before you go back to Snoopy or your fave Kakao friend). Ugh, don’t you hate a copyright disclaimer. Do I even need to say it? Such a buzz kill.

Anyway, if you choose to use my humble illustrations on your cellular devices, let me know by tagging @hellojoquinn or @koreanpicnic on your instagram story. As you can see, I am giving, but I am also very much taking. After all, this is a marketing ploy to get you to share my instagram profile with your plethora of followers who are yet to be graced with my sporadic yet hilarious feed.

Have a Merry Christmas (but try not to go outside!) Be jolly and drunk (but don’t touch anyone you care about without injecting Purell into your veins first). Eat lots of saturated fats and sweets (but take your vitamins too, so as to not compromise your immune system). Subscribe to my channel (for real though, give me the gift of creative validation by subscribing here or check out my instagram pages here or there).

Oh, I almost got lost in my hilarious blogging bubble and forgot to add the wallpapers. Here you go! Click on the image to download. Sorry if they’re low-res, I’m not Santa. I couldn’t test them out on a big phone!

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