The Last Post

I haven’t posted on WordPress for over a year. I’ve had battles with subscription refunds, customer service bots and file storage limits during that time. Sadly, I don’t feel like WordPress and I have been able to make our relationship work since around 2019. WordPress hasn’t been able to grow with my needs as a casual blogger, so I’m afraid it’s time to let it go forever. I will keep all of my archives up on this page until the internet explodes or until WordPress becomes obsolete (whichever comes first).

I first started my WordPress blogging career back in 2010 when my English teacher forced us to start writing a blog. I turned that shitty blog into a love letter to Japan and kept it going for a while. When I first came to Korea in 2017, I decided to make a new blog to document my newfound love for South Korea.

Twelve years, hours of writing, photo editing and self-promotion later… and I am yet to make a single cent from WordPress lmao. Money-making was never my intention for starting a blog, I just loved to write and share my pictures. Now I get to do that with my Newsletter on Substack. It’s a lot less complicated and I don’t need to do an online course in SEO writing or hashtags to use it. I get a lot of joy out of writing that silly newsletter, the same joy I once had with my WordPress blogs.

Farewell, WordPress. You were good to me… because you were kind of the best/only option at the time. I can’t upload any more images without subscribing to your services for a ridiculous amount of money so I’ve got to go my own way. Follow me at these links if you want to keep up with what I post/write/share/try to accomplish:

Picnic Journal Newsletter


Illustration Instagram

YouTube Channel

My first trip to Korea in 2017

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